ykno when feminists use the wage gap between men and women as evidence for inequality?? well like i swear that’s totally misleading bc im p sure job salaries are fixed so it’s not like when a woman applies for a job the boss is like ‘o damn it’s a lady lets cut her pay’?? surely it’s the types of jobs that women have that cause the pay gap??? like maybe there’s fewer women in certain higher paying fields (kinda like how fewer women get science degrees than men)? idk i jus think the wage gap argument is a bit….. eh

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skinny fries skinny fries skinny fries skinny fries skinny fries ,

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Sony Playstation

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a dumb lil fruit fly keeps flying into my face„ AM I A FRUIT hUH


dangan ronpa can get as weird as it wants but nothing will be as fucked up as seeing leon’s execution for the first time

yea i like watching pewdiepie„ whatr u gonna do bout it, lay an egg on me???

how long have i been listening to block b on loop for?„ they could be singin bout turnips nd id still intently listen

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just remembered i had a dream last night where i was an animal crossing villager named tommy

why aren’t spaghetti hoops called speghoops